Background of Department

  • Established in 1996 With ADB Assistance
  • Under control of BOC & Ext Baluchistan till 2007
  • From January 2008 working independently under the directives of Secretary of Education, Govt. of Baluchistan, Education Department

Vision and Mission of Department


  • To improve the quality of education in Baluchistan Province through quality In-service teacher education.


  • The mission of this dynamic organization is to enhance the quality of education in the spheres of, building professional capacity of in-service teachers/managers, instructional material development and to conduct research activities in order to assess the impact of its role in the field of education in the province of Baluchistan.

Mandate and Object of Department


  • An apex Institute in the field of in-service Teacher Education, Baluchistan.


  • To enhance the Quality of Education through in-service Teacher’s Professional Development.
  • To work in the sphere of material development for the professional development programs of teachers.
  • To carry out research activities in the field of education to enhance the quality of teaching practices.

Physical Resources of PITE Balochistan

  • Eight (08) Classrooms for training purpose.
  • Three well equipped laboratories (Physics, Chemistry & Biology).
  • A well-equipped Library, embellished with audio/video centers .
  • A well-equipped Teacher Resource Center (TRC)
  • A well maintained Early Childhood Education (ECE) Center
  • One fully furnished Conference room
  • One multi-purpose Auditorium
  • Academic Block for faculty members
  • Separate hostel for male (46 Persons) and female (24 persons)
  • Residential Colony for PITE staff (1-Bungalow & 16 (Fates)
  • Two garage for office vehicles
  • Mess for trainee teacher’s refreshment.
  • One tube-well for drinking and plantation
  • Separate Wash Rooms for Males & Females
  • PITE also enjoys the services of 36 Training out Post Tutors who work at TO center situated in the remote areas of the province. Each center has three rooms and has been provided with needed furniture etc. for professional development purposes

Location of Training Centers of PITE Balochistan

G.H.S Barkhan G.H.S Dalbandine G.H.S Dera Bugti
G.H.S Muslimbagh G.H.S Killi Sheikhan,Zhob G.H.S Dera Pusni
G.G.H.S Chaman G.G.H.S Killi Loralai G.G.H.S Hub
G.G.H.S D M Jamali G.G.H.S Dara Allah Yar G.G.H.S Pringabad

Physical Resources of PITE Balochistan

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